I feel the need to spread the word re: some massive super-disco-breaks ...

It's become my mission to let you know about Baffin Island, a record label, crew and a group of artists that live in the small town of Iqaluit on Baffin Island, which is located up north in the Baffin Sea in the territory of Nunavut. None of the group is originally from Baffin Island, but they all have decided to call Iqaluit home. They hauled in MIDI keyboards, computers, records, and DJ gear into a little shack on the edge of town and started throwing the loudest parties on the Island at the local Inn. In just a short time, they started writing music and sending these songs to various DJs all over the world via the town's only web connection. To their suprise DJs started sending them postive feedback, and sharing ideas and songs so the idea of starting a label and getting the BIBB sound beyond Baffin was born.

(Of course, the secret bit that I'm not really supposed to tell you is that the Baffin Island boys have some sort of connection with All Good Funk Alliance. Let's just say some of the folks involved haven't really been spotted in the same room as the AGFA.)

Baffin Island has just unleashed the Cold Rock Freeze Frame EP, a record of impossibly funky sampledelic dancefloor rinsers. Rockmaster Rus B starts off the whole thing with his ode to the Old School, "Zulu Freeze Frame" featuring a little bit of DC go-go style call-and-response vocals, and beats so nice you've got to hear them twice. The Breakbeat Junkie drags the remix into the disco and retro-fits the "brothers from the jungle" into the mix. On the flip we find "Cold Rock Love", a disco-rapnotic masterpiece of a song made perfect with its use of a certain underused female MC from the 80's. For the final track DJP from the UK merges with The Breakbeat Junkie to flip the script on another disco-breaks tune, "Let The Record Play". This one has a bit of that U.S. West Coast flavor for a smoother finish. Four tunes of prime ass-shaking action care of that frosty cabin studio on Baffin Island.

You can listen to all of these songs by clicking HERE

The Cold Rock Freeze Frame EP is available now on vinyl 12" and as a digital download. The vinyl, which is quite limited, is available from Groove Distribution here: http://www.groovedis.com/...ZE-FRAME-12-p-104840.html
The digital download is available exclusively from Stompy and can be found here: https://www.stompy.com/EP/114064

I hope you enjoy the music of Baffin Island!


If you have any questions about this project then contact Eighth Dimension Promotions at [email protected]