<center><font size="5"><b><font color="blue">THE LAST DIG vs THERAPY COLLABORATION IN APRIL WAS INSANE<br />SO WE'RE GONNA DO IT AGAIN MAY 30th</font></b></font><b><br /><br /><font size="7"><i>DIG vs. THERAPY</font size></i><br /><br /><font size="3">SCOTT K. + ??? (dig is all about surprises)</font size></b><br /><br /></b><br /></center><b><b><font color="red"><font size="3"><center>NO NEED FOR GUESTLIST CAUSE IT'S FREE ADMISSION ALL NIGHT<br /><br />PLUS Buy-1-Get-1-FREE Drink Specials To Get The Night Started Right</center></font></font></b></b><b><b><br /><br /><br /><font size="5"><font color="blue">DIG:</font size></font color> Dig was an underground event that I threw every now and then in LA. The philosophy was simple...dig through the crates to find quality dance music with soul, regardless of it's technical genre. the focus was always HOUSE, especially rare remixes, edits, and unreleased promos....but nothing was excluded....dance classics (past, present, & future), disco, r&b, soul, maybe even a rock or reggae track....all were welcomed if the mood fit. And Dig was something i generally tried to do for FREE. many of the real house heads I knew just couldn't afford expensive covers. So I generally set aside a portion of my fees from better paying out-of-state gigs and started a fund. Whenever I had enough money to finance a free event, I'd throw a DIG party. And luckily, cats like Roy Davis Jr., and others who were down for the cause, would donate their services. Good times.<br /><br /><font size="5"><font color="blue">THERAPY:</font size></font color> Therapy is a weekly Wednesday night party that pops off at Tokio in Hollywood. It's thrown by 2 of the best House Music promoters in Los Angeles (Sue Dred who promotes Balance @ King King, and Sam G. who co-promotes DEEP @ The Vanguard along with Maques Wyatt). It's a great night with a warm vibe. It's straightforward House music that's guaranteed to keep you dancing and smiling all night.<br /><br /><br /><font size="5"><font color="blue">DIG vs. THERAPY:</font size></font color> Therapy is safe & fun...but I personally feel that every now and then there's room for a little more musical experimentation...at least once a month. So in April, Sue & Sam gave me permission to bring that DIG vibe to Therapy for one night only. The night was amazing...all the heads showed up...clapping, singing, sweating, drinking, smiling....good times & lots of good music. We broke out some very rare old cuts, as well alot of unrelased promos that won't be out for many months (stuff from Louie Vega, Blaze, Stevie Wonder, DJ Spinna, and much more). The vibe on that dancefloor was a beautiful thing. So much so that the promoters are letting me try it again this month on May 30th.<font color="red"> **JUST LIKE ALL MY DIG PARTIES....This is something i'm doing strictly for the love. there's no admission (it's free all night); there are no sponsors; and i get no cut of the bar...no matter how good the night is, i literally receive no pay of any kind...honestly. i've chosen to work for free, in exchange for the freedom to present DIG the way i want to. i'm taking a risk, and counting on you for your support.</font size></font color><br /><br />If it goes well, it may turn into a monthly, but it will really depend on your support this Wednesday.<br /><br />If you've ever made it to DIG, MORE, PATH, or any of the clubs I've co-promoted with my amazing former partners (Tony Watson, Juan Hoerni, Roy Davis Jr., etc.), then you know what kind of guests have graced the decks...often unannounced....(names like Vikter Duplaix, King Britt, Marques Wyatt, Roy Davis Jr., Doc Link, Gene Hunt, Lady D., Rich Medina, Danny Krivit, Tortured Soul, Doc Martin, Ron Trent, and more).<br /><br /><br />If this Wednesday goes well, I'm gonna try to bring that same DIG vibe (and special unannounced surprise DJ's) to Therapy on a monthly basis....AND STILL KEEP IT 100% FREE.<br /><br />And trust, there won't be any of the usual Hollywood velvet rope stuff....feel free to wear jeans, gym shoes, whatever you want...just be comfortable. DIG has always been (and always will be) about quality music.<br /><br />Please spread the word to your friends. I'm trying to keep the DIG underground vibe alive, so there won't be any print or radio ads, and no flyers or street promotion of any kind...this is literally a word of mouth event. Your support is truly appreciated...for real.<br /><br/><br /><br /><font size="3"><font color="green">THIS WEDNESDAY, MAY 30TH<br /><br />DIG vs Therapy @ Tokio<br />1640 N Cahuenga Blvd (Cross Street: Hlywd Blvd)<br />Hollywood, CA 90028</font size></font color><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />**DIG is brought to you by Scott K. & BOXMUSIC<br /><br />**THERAPY is brought to you by two of the best house music promoters in the business: Sue Dred (Balance - Saturdays @ King King) & Sam G. (Deep w/Marques Wyatt - Sundays @ Vanguard)<br /><br />_______________<br /><br /><br /><br /><img src="">myspace-837.vo.llnwd.net/...37_l.jpg"><br /><br /><br /><br />pic from the THERAPY dj booth</b></b></center><center><b><b> </b></b></center><center><b><b><img src="">a21.ac-images.myspacecdn....adb4.jpg"><br /></b></b></center><br /><br /><br /><img src="">a535.ac-images.myspacecdn...34_m.gif"><br /><br /><font size=2><font color="blue"><b>CLICK THE BANNER BELOW TO PREVIEW 2 NEW LIMITED PROMO TRACKS FEAT. HOUSE LEGEND EMAN, and REMIXED BY SCOTT K. & FRIENDS</font size></font color></b><br /><br /><a href="http://www.traxsource.com/liberate"><img src="http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q320/DocLink/lib010.jpg"></a>FREE