Cool guy, black light apt, seeks female friendship;
Jeff Morris of; 5-11, 150 lb.s, living in Los Angeles, CA. I'm single, straight, live alone/have my own pad, am independent, better at cleaning than cooking. Enjoy life hangin' out and kickin' it with good, close friends. Music is my source of self-power & is my deep, passionate love that keeps me sane day to day; music like Alternative Rock, 80's & 90's Pop Rock, Rave, Trance, House, Hip-Hop/R & B, Jazz, Blues, & alittle Classical. I like friend's with whom are free to just (BE) themselves, exhibiting a sense of independence & freedom to just (BE) yourself. I'm fascinated with The Faith psychological & personality profile. Moving on, I've been on my own a majority of my life, (sixteen) years in LA, originally from Detroit, MI. At (eighteen), I moved out to LA. I am clean, safe, diseases-free. I desire female close companionship/friendship with whom are playful, slim, sassy, spunky, funny, geeky, (21-35), Caucasian, Hispanic or Asian, slim, medium length hair, any eye color, no body piercing, small tattoos are fine. I enjoy (sci-fi) films. I'm PC/internet savvy & resourceful. I've worked in the entertainment industry doing background scene and (P.A.) work in the past, and am doing freelance casual & general labor work at this time, with higher, further personal ('undisclosed') goal's. All I know is: "Tomorrow is not promised to no one", "Life is too short", "Get busy living or Get busy dying", & "God don't give anyone more than they can handle". Like to go for a walk, feel free to check out: I also think the human female can be the utmost of God. That being the case, my Angel, Queen, & Goddess is Flux, I'm so in (awe) of her, especially in her 'Dune' photo set, of
And note, I'm merely seeking female friendship/companionship, Caucasian, Latina, Asian, (21-35), slim, beautiful, live in LA. So that's it, it's like that, on the real. Just looking to network & meet cool female friend's, that's all. Sweet

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